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Life Update: I'm moving to Finland

Those who tell you that dreams can't come true are simply wrong. When this year started, I had one goal: move to another country. And now this is happening! In a little over a week, I'm going to live abroad, in a country no other than Finland.

For a girl that has only been to Italy so far, Finland is like on another planet and especially to my fellow Croatians. Probably the first and only thing that comes to your mind is that Finland has a lot of snow, and maybe that Santa Clause lives there.

But it's okay, this country you don't get to see in the news that much and it is pretty mysterious. However, that's a good thing since Finland has been rated as the safest country in the world in 2017 according to WEF and it might be voted this year again.

Well, as most people recently, I've been fascinated with Scandinavian/Nordic countries.

Although Finland isn't exactly a Scandinavian country, it is still far in the north and the climate is similar. And it's different from my place a lot. As I'm going there in October, the temperatures will be around 5°C. So during the three-month stay, it can easily hit well below - 5°C. 

After all, it's Nordic winter, so I got to prepare some warm clothing, one of the upcoming blog posts will be about packing abroad including what makeup and clothing to pack, so subscribe here to receive an update directly in your inbox.

Now, you are probably thinking, what am I going to do there, well, the answer is being an au pair in Finland.

If you're unfamiliar - an au pair is a young foreign person, mostly female, who helps with childcare and gets accommodation and salary (which is not too low either).

So if you are like me and want to go live abroad, but you are not sure what to do, pick this job!

It's not as if you're exactly applying for the job with the biggest paycheck that's out there, but you're applying for a job that can make you wealthy in many other ways.

First, you get accommodation and food which are obviously the two most important primal factors, and the other pretty important factor is meeting new people. And that will happen automatically through your host family.

The host family is basically a family whose home an au pair you would be staying at. So the parents of the kids you'd be taking care of are called "a host mother" and "a host father". Kids are just kids.

When it comes to myself, I will take care of two children, one is a 5-year old girl and the other is a 2-year old boy. This kind of reminds me of my little cousins who I used to take care of when they were toddlers. I really loved it, so I don't think this will be tough this to do.

The place I'll be staying at is in a little town 40 minutes from the capital Helsinki, called Nummela. It's a really small place, actually smaller than my hometown Dubrovnik in Croatia, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

In a small place, I think people are more open than in the capital with almost one million people, and it will be easier to meet others there. When moving to the new country, I'm sure the first thing you'd want to do is to meet and become friends with the locals.

So what made me go to Finland? I'd say contrast. It's much different than Croatia in many ways. Not just that they have a much colder climate nor the fact that they have pretty long nights during the winter days, but also in their way of thinking.

As far as I know, Finnish people like to keep things to themselves which makes most of them introverts. But that's just generalized point of view, of course, everybody's different.

What I like is how organized and business oriented they seem and still, they can party a lot on the weekends (with a huge amount of alcohol, by the way).

In my case, that makes perfect people. When it comes to me, I'm not an introvert and I'm not an extrovert, either. I guess I'm an ambivert, so I'm easily adaptable. I really think I can make it there.

Have you ever been to there? Or worked as an au pair in Finland before? Leave some comments below and tell me what you think!

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5 Easy Detox Water Recipes

In the past few months, I've been eating really unhealthy, drinking alcohol at parties and I wasn't physically active as much as I could've been. 

The other day, after a long night out, I woke up with a hangover and felt awful and bloated and that is what made me realize that I need to start taking care of my body and live a healthy lifestyle once again.

I know, it's not as fun as eating whatever you want and clubbing with friends, but in the long-term, it's healthy for both the mind and body.

Besides obvious healthy eating and exercise, water is a must in a healthy lifestyle. By drinking lots of water, you can lose weight faster, clear your skin, increase your energy, boost the immune system and even prevent cramps and sprains. 

And I know that you probably already know this, but are you also practicing it? Are you really drinking enough water?

There are many different opinions on how much should we drink, but one thing's for sure a glass or two a day is definitely not enough.

So, what's the solution? Well, many agree that you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day (or 8-ounce glasses).

But water is boring, isn't it? It tastes plain, so that is why I decided to share with you 5 different ways that you can make your detox water.

Detox water is a unique type of drink. It's water added with different fruits and/or vegetables of your choice. This means that you get to have the same regular water with very little difference in calories, but big difference in taste - it tastes much better.

So let's see!

Lemon and cucumber water

Cucumber and lemon water is the most popular type of detox water there is and it's also my favorite.

Both lemon and cucumber have high water content, improve skin quality and lemon/cucumber water is great for acne. Lemons can also aid digestion and help prevent kidney stones, they are also a good source of vitamin C. On the other hand, cucumbers have great benefits in a way that they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve eye health, repair hair and fight cancer. 

All you need to do is cut one or two slices of lemon and cucumber and put them in the water. Let the flavors soak for a few minutes and then start drinking! The glass for that serving is a regular sized one.

Apple and cinnamon water

This apple-cinnamon detox water has many benefits. While apples are extremely rich in antioxidants and reduce the risk of developing all kinds of sicknesses (such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension), cinnamon is perhaps the most delicious and the healthiest spice on the planet. It lowers blood sugar, activates hormones that suppress appetite and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits.

Cut one slice of apple into small cubes and place them into the water. Then sprinkle less than a teaspoon of cinnamon on top and you have the perfect detox water for weight loss!

I mean, look at the picture! If you are obsessed with autumn aesthetic as I am, you just need to have this detox water in your house.

Grapefruit water

If you want to lose weight faster, I highly suggest you try out grapefruit detox water recipe. All you need is one ingredient (well, two, if you count water) - a grapefruit. This fruit might have a bit of a bitter taste to it, but that doesn't make it any less healthy. Grapefruit is found, besides weight loss, to maintain heart health, reduce blood pressure and has an anti-aging effect. It contains loads of antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, too.

Cut one slice of grapefruit into cubes and if you want to make this recipe a bit sweeter add a teaspoon of honey to it.

Blueberries and tangerine water

Did you know that tangerines contain more vitamin A than oranges and also have loads of different benefits? They are found to help improve cognitive functioning, fight skin diseases, and arthritis and even help in healing minor cuts and wounds. Blueberries, on the other hand, are the king of antioxidant foods. They lower blood pressure, protect cholesterol in the blood form and prevent many diseases.

And they are also found to be the king of Instagram aesthetic, so make sure to make your own recipe, too!

Green tea, lemon, and honey

I'm not sure if this recipe can count as detox water, but something tells me that tea and detox water are basically the same. The only difference is that the ingredients in tea are cut in small pieces and detox water has a heavier form.

Well... However, green tea has lots of benefits! They include improving weight loss, lowering the risk of diseases, improving brain function, removing acne among others) and also, green tea has zero calories! But honey is also a pretty healthy ingredient, too. Honey might have a little more calories, but it has its benefits. It soothes a sore throat, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol and has a great number of antioxidants.

When it comes to lemon benefits, jump back to the first recipe!

So what do you think? Are you going to try any of these or have some more detox water recipes to share? Write in the comments!

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My Interview for Moskar Magazine - Q&A

The other day, I got published in a local magazine for an interview. In it, I talked about my blog, fashion, beauty and much more. English translation is below.

From other Dubrovnik bloggers, you stand out because you publish your blog in English. Why did you decide to do so?

Because English is a universal language, much more people can follow me and my advice, not just people from America or other countries where English is an official language, but also from countries such as Scandinavian ones, from Asia and so on. Also, I love the English language and I know it pretty well.

What do you write about?

Main topics are fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, but you can find a recipe, too. Mostly about makeup and outfit of the day.

What's the goal for your blog?

I'd like to create a real community of people who want to follow me and read my blog, inspire people in terms of fashion and beauty, but also inspire them to dare to follow their dreams and do something different. Of course, there are many big goals considered with my blog, but it's better for the results to be seen than just talked about.

How many page views do you have on the blog?

In the last two months since I became really active, I'm close to 10 thousand views.

Where do you find inspiration?

Well, if I really don't have any, I visit other blogs with similar niche and inspire myself. Still, mostly I think it through myself on which problems or wishes my readers might have and how can I solve them. And then I write a post.

Often times, lots of famous bloggers come to our town. Do you follow them, what do they write about? Which one is the most interesting to you?

Yes, of course. This summer I've even met one. Her name is Zoey Arielle, by accident, she filmed me for her YouTube channel and the video will be published soon. Mostly, I follow Norwegian bloggers, I'm not sure why, I just love their culture and freedom of speech, one of them is Anniken Jorgensen. But still, my favorite is the most successful one, Chiara Ferragni.

What are your plans for the future?

Move to another country pretty soon, study journalism or writing next year abroad and of course, succeed with my blog and improve it as my brand. I think it's a job of the future and a valid one, but of course, it's already seen with other popular bloggers and Instagram girls.

Is it possible and how much can you earn by writing a blog?

Yes, it is possible. Amounts are not certain, it all depends on views, other people's interests, followers and so on. For now, I have earned very little, but I still have and I think it's a great start. Some ways of earning money are through ads, affiliate marketing and simply by publishing blog and Instagram posts, but you get there later.

What would you recommend to young girls who decide to write a blog?

To be themselves and not to be afraid to make a blog if that's what they want. To be active, have all social media platforms, update often on the blog, but Instagram, and to enjoy this and try to find a reason to.

Once again, thank you for this interview!

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Tour Guide Through the Dubrovnik City Walls - Dubrovnik Guide Part 3

The other day, my friends and I randomly decided to see the City Walls and so I have randomly decided to add this post into my "Dubrovnik Guide" series (click on that to learn more about Dubrovnik, Croatia). So let this be the part three! 

As Iva, one of the friends that went with me, is not from Dubrovnik nor she goes to college here, she had to pay whilist Dubrovnik citizens can enter for free. The City Walls enterance fee is 150 HRK (around $24/€20) for the ticket. When it comes to Dubrovnik citizens or college attendants, we get a free passage. Remember, this post was uploaded in September of 2018, the price could change by the next summer or any other later.

*Edit: There have been rumors that by summer 2019, the price will be 200 HRK (around $32/€27).

As she is staying for a couple more days, she wanted to go and see the Dubrovnik City Walls badly. After all, they are probably the best attraction in the town since you get to see the whole city by walking them.

The Walls lenght is around 1,940 meters (6,360 ft) and it is 4 to 6 meters high (13-20 ft), but can reach up to 25 meters in some area (80 ft). Most of the walk doesn't feature climbing the stairs, but there are a few corners which do.

My advice would be to visit them either in spring or late summer/autumn time when the temperatures are lower (between 20-30 Celsius/68-86 Fahrenheit). In the summer, the temperatures can reach up to 40 Celsius/104 Fahrenheit and rarely, even more. 

The City Walls opening and closing hours are depending on the month. Check the timetable at the end of this post to see when are the available hours. The main entrance is at the beginning of the Stradun street, from your left when you enter from the Pile Gate. There are a few others, but it's best to enter there for a full experience.

When you enter from the Pile Gate, you will first see Stradun street exactly from a straight view which is just an amazing place to shoot photos at for Instagram or any other purpose. On the other side, there is a Lovrijenac Fortress which is a separate fortress of the city walls. It is on a high hill and truly looks magnificent as it is built above the Pile bay (some of the Game of Thrones scenes were filmed both on Lovrijenac and in the bay).

Then if you go a bit further, you have a view at the Onofrio's Fountain. Just a fun fact: you can freely drink water from it as it is clear and healthy, but obviously only when you are next to it, not from the city walls.

As you continue walking, you will also stumble upon some paintings, a place to buy water at if you are thirsty, a restaurant to have a meal at and some other snack stands, as well as souvenir shops. Prices of the shops, restaurants and the rest are pretty expensive on the Walls, but you gain an experience of a lifetime by being there.

My friend Vlaho facing fort Lovrijenac and Pile street

On the whole other side, you have a view of the famous Porporela bay and the fishing boats.

By walking a little further, you will also have a view at Saint John (Sveti Ivan) fortress, which is one of the most iconic Dubrovnik historic sightings.

One of the Christian places in the Old Town is a Dominican Monastery with the gothic designed Saint Dominic church.

Somewhere near the end, you have a higher view of the aesthetically pleasing orange rooftops and one of the near Elaphiti Islands, the Lokrum island.

Accidentally, we went to the Walls at around 5 p.m. and when we were about to leave, we watched a sunset. I highly recommend you to do it this way.

And here's a timetable of the opening and closing hours of the Dubrovnik City Walls during the different months of the year:

  • January 1st - February 28th: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • March 1st - March 31st: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • April 1st - May 31st: 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • June 1st - July 31st: 8 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. (longest duration)
  • August 1st - September 15th: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • September 15th - October 31st: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (when we went)
  • November 1st - December 31st: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
This timetable was published in September 2018, this might change depending on the time when you are reading this. For updates, check out this site HERE.

What do you think of this article? Will you be visiting Dubrovnik and the City Walls? Tell me in the comments!

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My Everyday Makeup Tutorial - See Me Without Makeup

Today, I thought to show you something I've been talking for a while about on my blog. My everyday makeup tutorial! All the products and short makeup reviews are listed below, I hope you'll like it.

I like to have a simple, but still, a stand-out everyday makeup look. I mostly focus on my eyes and lips since they are the best features on my face. Just a note; this makeup is what I mostly apply, but sometimes I go with much less (just foundation and a mascara).


First of all, I wash my face with water and after that, I apply a good old moisturizer. I use the one from Ziaja - natural olive cream for dry and dehydrated skin which I have mentioned in many posts before such as "What's in My Makeup Bag".

Next up is applying makeup. I start with a BB Cream from Garnier - Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Protector for Combination to Oily Skin. I bought my BB cream at DM drugstore, but you can get it at any other that has Garnier brand for selling.

I stopped using a regular foundation a while ago, but honestly, I think I will start using it again pretty soon. But for now, a BB Cream is a great choice. The way to apply BB cream is the same as applying foundation. I put it on my face with BH Cosmetics foundation brush and just blend it in with a blender after.

After applying BB cream

Then, I use a concealer from Alverde - Alverde Naturkosmetik Coverstick 01 Naturelle.

I used liquid ones in the past, but I've realized that the ones in the stick are so much better and have more coverage, so I highly recommend those. 

The above image shows where I apply it, usually on acne if there's some and just on the cheeks and dark circles. Then, the below is me after I blended it:

Contouring! Yes, I still kind of do it. I just like to have my cheeks a little more defined since they are pretty chubby no matter my weight. So, I use a Catrice Prime & Fine Make up Transformer Drops Darkening.

When it comes to bronzers or foundations for darkening, I prefer it being liquid or the stick ones because those in the powder last less on the skin.

Okay, honestly, this is so funny, but it's how you are supposed to contour:

Usually, I don't highlight on a daily basis, so I'll skip that part. But I do apply a pink blush. Mine is Terra Naturi Rouge Puder 04 - Royal Apricot. I apply it with a BH Cosmetics powder brush

And on my skin, it leaves a pretty light coverage, but that is what I'm looking for anyway.


When I finish with my skin, I focus on the eyebrows. Now, this took a lot of years of practice. A lot of people told me that I make my eyebrows pretty good and those that didn't say that, probably thought they sucked, but let's focus on the positive. Joke aside, I guess I do my eyebrows pretty well.


I use a few products - first, a good pair of tweezers. I got one from a drugstore and actually, I just realized the brand is called Solingen Germany.

So I pluck the extra hairs and then, I shape them with a pencil - Catrice Cosmetics Eyebrow Stylist 045 Never Be ASHamed. I highly recommend this eye pencil, it's pretty affordable and it really makes your eyebrows look great. But of course, it's all on you. Practice makes it perfect.

Sometimes, I use scissors to cut the front hairs a bit, but only if it's necessary.


It's pretty tough to take photos of how I did it, if you want me I can make a full tutorial on it, either in video type or try in photos. Tell me if you want to see it in the comments!


Now, this can change because the eyeshadow color that I'm going to use depends on my clothing. But most of the time, I choose a brown lowkey smokey eye.

The exact eyeshadows that I use for it are Rimmel London Magnif'Eyes Eye Contouring Palette 003 Grunge Glamour, Deborah Milano Soft Smokey-Eye Eyeshadow Palette, and Wet N Wild Color Icon Single Glitter E352C Nudecomer.

This is what it looks like, more guide below:

First, shades from the Rimmel palette: I use the fifth shade (from the left in the palette; the bronze brown one and apply it in the corners and in the middle of my eyelids.

Then I mix the third and fourth shade (from the left; light beige and ash brown) and place them in the middle of my eyelids.

I also apply a small bit of the white eyeshadow in the front corners where it has to be the lightest, but it's almost invisible.

Moving onto the Deborah Milano, I mix the three middle shades (dark brown, golden brown and the darkest brown one) and apply them in the back corners of the eyelids where the shades are supposed to be the darkest.

Last, but not the least, I add some shimmer with the Wet n' Wild nudecomer mono eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelids. But you have to be careful and blend it in or else, it will stand out too much because it is much warmer than other shades.

So basically, for this tutorial, you can use similar shades from other brands as well.

After I finish with the eyeshadow, I apply an eyeliner - Misslyn Liquid Eyeliner 1 Long Lasting. Now, this eyeliner is actually in a pen, so it makes it ten times easier to apply, but also it doesn't give that full black eyeliner look at the end. Still, it's perfect for daily makeup.

And for my eyelashes, I've finally found the best mascara - Maybelline New York Total Temptation Black Mascara. I highly recommend it, it gives you a great volume and length and leaves almost no clumps!

For some reason, the cover of the mascara looks old, but I literally bought it last week. Eh.

I always make sure to apply an eyelash curler for that extra uplift and volume.


And the last part of this tutorial is lips. Before an actual lipstick, I use a lip balm - Labello Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm. The matte lipstick is the one I've been loving for almost 2 months and it's called L.O.V. Make-up Colour and Care Lipstick Love Potion No. 930! I highly, but I mean, HIGHLY recommend it.

Not just this lipstick, but the whole brand. It's simply amazing. The color is dark pink, kind of meat-like and honestly, so beautiful. Make sure to buy it. 

Btw. have you noticed that my hair has dried while doing this tutorial haha.

So yeah, that would be it! I hope you liked my EVERYDAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL LOOK. If you liked this, feel free to leave a reaction below and a comment if you'd like.

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