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How to Make Friends as an Au Pair

Being an au pair is fun... Until it's boring. You come to a whole new country, to a house that is not your own in which you live with people you have never known before and then when you take a walk outside, you realize you can't recognize a single face on the streets.

Well, at least that's the beginning of everyone's au pair journey. After you settle down and get used to to the kids and the parents and you become to feel comfortable in the house, you get a feeling of loneliness which drives you to take action and meet some friends.

The remains problem is: how?

I really like my host family and every neighbor is kind, but in the first two weeks of me being here, I haven't spoken to anyone my age. Well, besides waiters at the coffee shops and that random woman that once showed me a way to the main bus station Helsinki. That's it. Just those people.

And then, voilĂ  - the power of the internet came to my mind.

So, in this post, I'm giving you tips that worked for me on how to meet/make friends as an au pair.

Tip no. 1 - Instagram

Well, I could merge the first and second tip together, but, to make this post more useful for you, I decided to split it.

At this point in your life, you probably have an Instagram account. Instagram is the number one social media platform at the moment, especially for younger people. If you are an au pair you are probably between the age of 18-29, so I'm sure you are signed up there.

Now, the way to find au pairs in the country you're working is simple. Go to Instagram search and write a hashtag #aupair("yourcountry") and press enter. For example, if you are in Spain use hashtag #aupairspain or #aupairsinspain and same goes for other states.

I'm sure there are at least a dozen accounts with the hashtag, so go to their profile, follow them (well, check if they look normal), send them a DM and hopefully, you get a friend!

Tip no. 2 - Facebook groups

If there weren't groups on Facebook, I'd be logged out of there a long time ago. Or if at least there wasn't my page to like (which you can like HERE and join my amazing Facebook page community). 

Groups on Facebook are life-savers. I got my last summer job thanks to it and now, made some au pair friends!

Go to search and type "au pairs in ("yourcountry"). For example, for Finland, there's this au pair meet up group. Try to find one for the country you're staying in.

There is where I met the girls on the photo here and they are amazing. 

Tip no. 3 - Ask your host family

Being an au pair is not that lonely. As au pairs, we have a perk of automatically knowing someone in the new country - our host family. Most likely, your host parents know someone your age who lives in the neigboorhood or some of their friends have a daughter or son who is your peer. Ask them, I'm sure your host parents wouldn't want you to be alone. 

I have a great host mom and she actually asked me first if I wanna meet some people. So it's really not that hard.

The fourth tip that I didn't officially put in the list would be to join some dating app, but then there's a low chance that you're gonna meet friends, more likely a partner, which is still a positive thing.

Are you gonna apply any of these tips? Leave a reaction below and tell me in the comments!

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Have an Effective Morning Routine - Monday Tips with Nora

I haven't posted in a while and my inconsistency started to bug me, so I've come to a solution.

I feel the best when I update on my blog daily because it makes me feel as if it's really my job as I want it to be. So why not speak it into the existence!

I got this post inspiration from a very popular Norwegian blogger Annijor who I really look up to and decided to make this a weekly series on my blog, too. 

Each Monday I will be giving you a tip or two on different topics. Mostly surrounding beauty, fashion, and productivity. For the first part, I've decided to give you a tip on having an effective morning routine.

Although mine is not 100% perfect, I think it's still effective for a good start of the day.

Tip no. 1 -  Your morning routine starts the night before

I always thought morning routine was just a morning routine, but that's not quite right.

I've realized that you can't have a good morning routine if you don't have a good night routine. Why? Good night sleep. You can't sleep three hours a night and make the next day productive. At least not in a long run.

Before I go to bed - which is around 22:00/10 pm, I have a night routine. For that, I'll make a special post. I fall asleep before 23:00/11 pm on most days. I feel the best when I get enough sleep, which is around 7:00-8:00 hours. Everybody's different, you might need more or less. 

Tip no. 2 - Wake up early and meditate 

Meditation helps me realize what my goals are and how I can get them. I actually think while meditating - if you want a more detailed post on that, let me know. 

But the problem is that when you wake up early, meditation could make you fall back asleep. That is why I cheat a bit and look at my phone for 5 minutes to wake up better. After that, I put my headphones on and find some soothing meditation music on YouTube and listen. 

I usually meditate for 10 minutes, more or less.

One of my breakfasts; oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon

Tip no. 3 - Get out of bed and shower

After I finish meditating, I immediately get out of the bed. To refresh myself, I must shower in the morning. It makes me feel clean and ready to start a new day. This takes about 5 to 15 minutes, really depends on a day. 

Then, I put my clothes on and do my makeup and usually, I leave my hair to dry naturally unless I'm leaving the house right after. 

Tip no. 4 - Eat a healthy breakfast, but add coffee to it, too

Some people do intermit fasting, either on purpose or not, but I think eating breakfast is better, especially a healthy one. Although I'm trying to avoid sugar, I still need my oatmeal in the morning

Up until today, I would eat a banana with it, but I've decided to go for less and had an apple instead. I also added a tablespoon of blueberry protein powder and a teaspoon of butter to it. 

Protein and fats are important in a healthy diet.

Just a first page of my bullet journal, full post on it soon

Tip no. 5 - Set goals for the day

Goal setting is a crucial thing to do if you want to be successful in life. And who doesn't? 

I take my bullet journal - which I'll share with you in the following days - and write my goals, to-do list and review my schedule. I gotta be in control of what happens in a day when it comes to work and duties. In the free time, I don't mind doing random things.

And those are my morning tips for you guys. What follows is starting my day by doing something. I either go for a walk, clean around the house, write or take care of my au pair kids. 

Do you like these tips? Do you have a morning routine? Leave a reaction below and tell me in the comments!

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