Nora Di Leo is a 19-year old blogger born and raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia, but soon to be based in Helsinki, Finland.

Nora started her blog after seeing other writers, bloggers, models, and photographers online and inspiring herself with various types of content.

In the first six months of existence, her blog has been a regular lifestyle blog, but she felt she had to create something new.

Her passion for rock music and fashion inspired her to change her blog theme into a "fashion and music" one and now it is proved to be liked by readers. She mostly reviews rock, metal, and alternative music, and shares her fashion photos. Her style is a perfect mixture of trendy/classy fashion and edgy/grunge vintage look.

In only a few months of blog's work, Nora has been published in magazines. The first time, she was interviewed for her blogging and the next one, she published her travel article in a magazine.

Nora is also a photography model and she is active on Instagram where she regularly posts her fashion, rock aesthetic, and modeling content. 

But her ultimate love is writing. It ranges from poetry which is seen in her Instagram captions and stories, content writing as here on the blog, freelance writing for both online and paper magazines, and novel writing which is still kept in her privacy.

Her latest project is interviewing upcoming rock and alternative musicians. Many people who listen to rock'n'roll only focus on older music instead of discovering new musicians and keeping the rock'n'roll music alive. Her mission is to do so. 

If you are a new rock/metal/alt musician or band and want your music to be exposed to thousands of readers, send your request by e-mail: noradblog@gmail.com.

Also, for all business inquiries, collaborations, writing requests or other, contact via e-mail: noradblog@gmail.com.

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